EPIX Internet Exchange and Beyond.pl Launch Traffic Exchange Node in Poznan

Faster Internet in Western Poland. EPIX Internet Exchange and Beyond.pl Launch Traffic Exchange Node in Poznan

EPIX Internet Exchange, the largest internet traffic exchange in Poland has entered into cooperation with Beyond.pl, the most secure data center facility in all of Europe and one of Poland’s largest data center and cloud computing service providers. The EPIX internet traffic exchange node was launched at Beyond.pl’s Data Center Campus in Poznan, the 3rd city in Poland to have an access node to EPIX, providing a point of access to customer to many internet service providers, and suppliers of other online services

Until the end of September of this year, EPIX had access nodes in two cities in Poland: Katowice and Warsaw. Given operators’ great demand for reduced network transfer times and latency, a third production node was launched in cooperation with Beyond.pl in Poznan.

New Hub, Faster Traffic Exchange

The Poznan EPIX node located in Beyond.pl is the first one in Western Poland, driving up its strategic importance. Hence, most likely it will take over a significant portion of internet traffic in this area. Specifically, data transfer speed will significantly improve for existing EPIX members in this part of the country, as they will be able to bypass data traffic transfer through the distant locations of Warsaw or Katowice and establish connectivity via nearby Poznan right away. It will also be an opportunity for small and medium telecommunication operators, who may currently not be using EPIX, to purchase a link to or access content of larger operators at very attractive prices.

The new location of the most important, independent internet traffic exchange infrastructure in Poland, is also an opportunity for enterprises and internet users from Western Poland to have more effective and faster access to the key resources of the Polish internet, such as Allegro.pl, Home.pl, Nazwa.pl, Tvp.pl, Onet.pl, or Wp.pl.

For a long time, we have been looking for a partner who would support the deployment of an EPIX traffic exchange node in Western Poland. We decided to cooperate with Beyond.pl for two reasons. From our participants’ point of view, locating a new node at a data center with the highest security level in the European Union – Rated 4 – ensures a fast and failure-free internet traffic exchange. This is important because in practice, it allows operators to provide higher quality services to customers,” said Adam Kossowski, president of the E-south Association, coordinating the functioning of, among others, EPIX. “Poznan is also optimally located in terms of serving the needs of customers in Western Poland. Its location between Szczecin, Wroclaw, Bydgoszcz and Torun on the one hand, and Warsaw and Katowice on the other, guarantees the lowest possible delays in data transmission.

The Gateway to Western Europe

The strategic location of Poznan and the launch of a traffic interchange node in the city also brings other benefits to EPIX participants. Among other things, they will now receive the possibility of exchanging cross-border traffic. The project’s implementation allows foreign operators to connect directly to the Polish backbone of the EPIX network in Poznan.

From a customer’s point of view, regardless of whether they are from Poland or from Western Europe, the quality, speed and reliability of data transmission will significantly improve. Most importantly, data transmission time within Western Poland and between Western Europe and Poland will be significantly reduced,” said Wojciech Stramski, CEO of Beyond.pl. The project also brings benefits for companies using data center services. “For our colocation and cloud clients, this means direct access to over 800 operators who participate in the EPIX network. Thanks to this cooperation, Beyond.pl is transforming into a modern telecommunications hub.”


About EPIX: The EPIX node was officially launched in 2010, but its origins date back to 2007 and 2008, when Silesian local networks began to merge into one, and their owners united under the E-south Association. Today, EPIX is the largest non-commercial traffic exchange point in Poland, providing access to cheap and high-quality data transmission with most telecommunications nodes in Poland. EPIX also provides independent access to international operators such as Telia, CenturyLink, Liberty Global, or GTT, as well as DE‑CIX, NIX, Peering.cz traffic exchange points. The node operates on a non-profit basis and is funded by project participants. Currently, it comprises more than 800 telecommunications operators and content providers. In September 2020, traffic on the EPIX network was at 1,892 Gigabits per second (almost two terabits).