launches an East-West fibre telecommunication corridor launches an East-West fibre telecommunication corridor for Western and Central European enterprises., a European provider of data center and cloud computing services, has announced the completion of its next investment. The company has launched a direct high-capacity telecommunications connection between Frankfurt, Poznan and Warsaw. The fibre network will allow enterprises to get the best both countries have to offer, in terms of access to addressable markets and IT hosting infrastructure. This move provides European companies looking for colocation services in Central Europe with access to superior security, highest quality of telecommunications services, and the lowest possible latency.’s East-West Corridor is a diverse, high speed, internet connection with a round trip latency of less than 10ms between Frankfurt and Poznan and 4 ms to Warsaw or Berlin. The corridor is based, among others, on’s backbone network with private rings located in Poznan and Warsaw.’s infrastructure in Frankfurt is located in a data center which secures excellent access to telecommunication operators and European traffic exchange points, including DE-CIX – one of the world’s largest Internet Exchange. The new telecommunication network in Europe forms the most optimal east-west connection and is open to new directions in CEE and Western Europe.

A story of two cities and countries

Frankfurt is the financial services and industrial powerhouse of Germany, but the cost of power is getting quite prohibitive to support the growing demands of the big data and associated hosting industry. German mega brands are already exploring separating out some of their IT loads and moving them to cities in the far north of Europe.

Poznan, Poland is located equal distance between the capital cities of Berlin and Warsaw and the home to the first ANSI-TIA/942 Rated 4 data centre in the UE. As a major driver to lowering Total Cost of Ownership for any data hosting infrastructure calculation, Poland has a fixed power cost which is circa 45% lower than that in Germany. which provides superior availability service levels based on their Rated 4 infrastructure, is powered 100% by green energy, and has a PUE factor of 1.2 making it a very attractive location for any corporation looking to minimize their carbon footprint relating to energy consumption by IT infrastructure while at the same time maintaining world class security.’s launch of the telecommunications corridor offer has many benefits for Polish companies seeking the fastest data transfer to Western Europe, western companies looking to enter the Central European market, or more importantly those that wish to diversify their IT support policies and optimize data processing costs.

Enterprise clients in Germany can now separate out their non-active/active IT loads and migrate them to Poznan, simultaneously upgrade the infrastructure to a Rated 4 data centre and achieve great saving as compared to the hosting costs in Germany. Polish enterprises collocated in data centers can now connect to the lucrative markets in Germany via DE-CIX.

–’s East-West Corridor is currently one of the fastest data exchange routes between Poland and Germany. The round-trip data transfer time from Poznan to Frankfurt is only 10 milliseconds. Thanks to the activation of the telecommunications corridor, international customers may diversify locations for colocation services. Key resources that require the lowest possible latency can be kept in Western Europe, while the rest can be moved to’s Campus in Poznan. This way, they can significantly reduce colocation services’ overall cost while potentially even upgrade on security and availability.’s Data Center 2 in Poznan is one of only 3 data center facilities in the European Union with independent Rated 4 certification according to international ANSI/TIA standards and the only one in the region. This confirms our compliance with the highest safety standards in the field of architecture, mechanics, power supply, and telecommunication – says Wojciech Stramski, CEO.

The importance of Poland on the global map of data centers is steadily growing. Cushman & Wakefield’s report shows that rising land prices, limited availability of energy, temporary suspension of the construction of centers on some FLAP-D markets (Frankfurt, London Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin), and the demand for fast connectivity make the services on those markets more expensive. This trend is causing end users to search for opportunities to optimize costs. For example, one of the largest corporations in the financial sector selected’s Data Center 2 as one of their 2 locations to host their infrastructure in the entire European Union.

Thanks to the launch of the point of presence in Frankfurt, is also expanding its access to the cloud portfolio. now offers Cloud Connect services, i.e., secure connection of a customer’s infrastructure with global public cloud resources along with platform management panels. The solution secures direct and private access to multiple global clouds simultaneously such as: Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Platform, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud, IBM CloudCity Cloud, with Salesforce coming soon.

New traffic exchange points

The East-West Corridor is not the first such initiative of In recent months, to strengthen its connectivity to key European markets, has signed cooperation agreements with Berlin’s BCIX, Prague’s NIX.CZ, Vienna’s VIX, and Budapest’s BIX. These agreements ensure that customers who select to host themselves on’s campus have prime connectivity solutions throughout the Central and Eastern European region.

In conjunction to its international connectivity investments, continues to be active in the Polish telecommunications market. In October 2020, launched the third location of the largest Polish Internet Exchange EPIX node in Data Center 2 in Poznan.  This makes the most western point of access to the largest neutral internet provider in Poland.’s data centers are where the world’s Tier-1 telecommunications carriers meet regional and local Internet providers. Telecommunication neutrality has been a part of our DNA since the company’s inception, and we will continue to pursue this strategy. On the other hand, the development of connectivity competencies directly influences the reinforcement of our colocation and cloud offerings, which are the basis of our service portfolio, points out Michał Grzybkowski, Founder and Executive VP Technology at

In addition to investments in the area of connectivity, is taking steps to pursue its data center campus expansion plans. In September 2020, the company announced the expansion of its Poznan Data Center Campus, which is expected to reach a total power capacity of 42MW (megawatts). It will be one of the largest facilities of its kind in Central Europe, occupying an area of 45,000 sq meters. This undertaking is the biggest investment announced on the Polish data center market following the projects announced by Google and Microsoft.


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