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End-to-end Azure and Azure Stack management

Are you interested in using Microsoft Azure or Azure Stack? With our Managed Azure Cloud Services you get full support, saving you the pain and complexity of doing it yourself.

As a Microsoft Silver Partner has deep expertise in deploying and managing a customized Azure environment. Our experts will assess the possibility of moving your apps to the cloud, effectively plan and perform the migration as well as ensure end-to-end management of your Azure environment.

Assessment & Planning


Assessment of the current state

Analyzing the current IT environment: infrastructure, loads and apps. Assessing applications and loads related to the readiness to use cloud computing. Determining which applications and data can and which can not be easily moved to the cloud environment as well as defining the best cloud model – a public, private or hybrid cloud. Evaluating legal regulations regarding the use of cloud computing.


Architecture planning

Based on the previous analysis, we create the infrastructure maps by taking into account application dependencies and performance. This aims at designing the IT infrastructure in the cloud by taking into consideration all business processes and dependencies of the correct operation of the application in connection with other applications and systems.


Infrastructure visualization

On the basis of data collected from the assessment and mapping of the infrastructure, we create the visualization of the infrastructure (application group) based on interconnections and dependencies. The visualization presents three categories: process integration (sharing functions), data integration (data sharing) and presentation integration (user interface sharing).


Action plan and cost estimation

Defining migration readiness and costs for the application group. Determining the amount of initial resources necessary to run the application. Indicating the security or privacy risk and proposing an appropriate solution. Estimating the total cost of owning local applications compared to the cloud. Calculating the ROI ratio of the migration from local resources to the cloud.

Cloud migration process

  • Preparing a new platform and architecture for your applications
  • Moving applications to the Microsoft Azure or Azure Stack cloud
  • Decommissioning / archiving of the old environment
  • Running the proposed solution
  • Dev-tests, POCs and App performance testing
  • Solution design & architecture support
  • Deployment automation

Config Management

You can count on our support when it comes to server management, software updates, configuration set up, security settings and system status monitoring. We will also provide you with a dashboard report. Config Management includes:


  • OS updates, upgrades and patching
  • Role-based access control
  • Resource configuration and policy management
  • User access management
  • Analysis and troubleshooting
  • Subscription management

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery services ensure that even in the case of malfunction or malware attack your data will not disappear and you will be able to restore the system. The service includes:


  • Snapshotting
  • Managed Backup (Shortterm)
  • DR planning and DRdrills
  • Automated failover and restore

Automation / DevOps

Automation and orchestration are extremely important functions to a successful practice. Your ability to automate routine tasks allows you to lower your delivery costs and offer superior SLAs – driving a virtuous cycle of efficiency and repeat business. Automation is the key to creating the right balance between cost, reliability, speed, and time to market. Our service includes:


  • ARM template authoring and deployment
  • Continuous integration & deployment
  • Application life cycle management


With our Monitoring services you can be sure that your IT resources are performing correctly. You have access to additional reports, receive information and alerts before any measurable loss of performance occurs. Our service includes:


  • Basic infrastructure management (OS, compute, storage, network)
  • Advanced infrastructure monitoring (basic + firewall/DNS/load balancer etc.)
  • Alerting/alarms with response SLAs
  • Database monitoring
  • App performance monitoring
  • Log analytics & alerting

Cost optimization

We support you with cloud cost management. We advise on how to optimally manage resources and reduce unnecessary costs. Our service includes:


  • Usage and spend analytics
  • Spend and usage forecasting
  • Tagging and audit trails
  • Capacity planning and resource optimization

24/7 support

End-to-end management of your Azure environment includes:


  • Support of and Microsoft experts
  • Uptime and response SLAs
  • System health monitoring
  • IT Service and incident management
  • Custom control panels/ customer portals

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