Data Center 2 hosted professors from all over the world was a partner of the international conference WETICE 2017 organized by Poznan University of Economics. The program of the conference included a visit at Data Center 2 and networking activities in the newly-built conference space.

“The tradition of WETICE conference goes back to 1991 when the first WETICE conference took place. The event covers topics of IT collaboration both in business and among people. IT scientists from around the world participated in our event” said Professor Wojciech Cellary from Poznan University of Economics.

A large part of the event was devoted to cloud computing, data analysis and security. “For most of my colleagues, the term “data center” is quite abstract, so visiting actual data center, being able to touch it and listen to it is a very interesting experience,” added Marek Rusinkiewicz, New Yersey Institute of Technology.

“I have never been to a data center before. My only fear now is that other data centers will not be as good as this one,” said Kunal Suri from the French organization Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission.

Participants also appreciated the Data Center 2 infrastructure. “The building seems to be designed from the beginning with a great deal of precision. The result is amazing!” as Willy Picard from the English company BAE Systems shared his impressions.

Why did the University of Economics decide to cooperate with on WETICE 2017? “I wanted to show to the whole world that we have such a modern data center in Poznan. It puts us in the first league regarding digital economy,” replied Professor Wojciech Cellary.