in the report “Responsible business in Poland 2023. Good practices”

Commitment to overall social good, educational activities, attention to environmentally friendly solutions, and care for employees should guide entrepreneurs regardless of their size, scale of operations, and industry.

‌Over the last few years, has carried out various ESG projects, which have become a permanent part of our DNA and are cyclical. These activities contribute to all of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which we have pledged to support in 2022 proactively.

The published report “Responsible Business in Poland 2023. Good practices” prepared by the Responsible Business Forum (Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu) included 2 cyclical good practices.

The first of the ESG projects is the Educational “ Data Center Campus Tours”. We aim to spread awareness of the benefits that responsibly and sustainably run data centers bring to society. In 2023, around 1400 representatives from business, public administration, science, and academic bodies, as well as students and high school students, visited our campus. Our guests learned how professional data centers work, what role they play in the process of sustainable digital transformation, the importance of data security in a digital world and the impact each of us has on the amount of data generated;

Another initiative included in the report is the charity action the “Sharing Christmas” charity campaign, which we have continuously supported since 2020. In this campaign, we donate funds, which we historically used to purchase Christmas gifts for customers and partners to help those in need. In 2021, 2022 and 2023,’s support went to the wards of the Children’s Home in Pleszew. The donated funds financed a trip to a winter camp during the holidays, in which the children participated, among other things, in educational excursions and skiing and snowboarding lessons.

The “Responsible Business in Poland 2023. Good practices” report is also a valuable insight into ESG topics including numerous expert articles on key sustainability trends. The publication is Poland’s most extensive overview of the country’s ESG, CSR, and sustainable development initiatives. The 22nd edition of the report presents 1046 good practices submitted by 266 companies.

We invite you to read the report (in Polish only) “Responsible business in Poland 2023. Good practices”.