starts cooperation with universities from Poznań signed partnership agreements with two leading Universities from Poznań – Adam Mickiewicz University and University of Economics and Business. In both cases cooperation is going to bring the education closer to business practice.

“We are glad that we will have an influence on the ways which students will choose and point out the most interesting trends from our perspective. We would like to encourage the most talented students to stay and work in Poland, by providing them competitive in the world scale workplaces,” says CEO & Founder at Michał Grzybkowski.

“The IT industry is changing very rapidly. Knowledge, which students gain on the first year, could be out of date on the last year of studies. That is why updating knowledge is so important. We would like to develop education offer with and help students with checking the acquired information in practice,” acknowledge Sławomir Kalinowski, Vice-Rector for Finance and Development of Poznań University of Economics and Business.

“Not only cooperation with is access to practical knowledge, but also great opportunity to do an internship or employ graduates of our Department. In the recent years we pay very much attention to this aspect,” explains professor Jerzy Kaczorowski, Dean of Mathematics and Computer Science on Adam Mickiewicz University. offers access to student internships, support in education process by guest lectures, initiation of diploma thesis, helping with organising academic events and opportunity to visit the educational path in Data Center 2.