with SOC 2 Type 1 met the SOC 2 criteria, an international standard for the collection and exchange of information dedicated to IT service providers, thus confirming the highest degree of compliance of internal safety and accessibility processes (TSC 1 – security and TSC 2 – availability).

Designed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the SOC 2 (Service and Organization Controls 2) standard evaluates the procedures and control processes at IT organisations, which provide services to external customers. It requires companies to establish and comply with strict information security rules and procedures, including security, accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of organisation and customer data. SOC 2 reports are designed to help service organisations build trust in service processes and control them through independent auditors (CPA).

The audit assessed the internal control system, covering procedures, instructions, control processes and good practices used by our company in our daily work. complied with all of the 244 control points for the selected certification criteria, i.e. security (physical and logical) and availability (processes and services) in the context of collocation services.

In addition to establishing processes and practices, SOC 2 compliance means, in particular, monitoring the unusual activity of the system, authorised and unauthorised system configuration changes and user access levels. Customers, especially large organisations, raise valid concerns, e.g. to what degree they can trust services they use, what policies apply to particular services. Positive audit review confirms that our internal processes meet international standards and best security practices. It is important for us that our customers and partners have no doubt that our services are reliable and customer data is safe – says Dariusz Sobkowiak, Data Security Officer in