A strategic partnership between Beyond.pl and Pure Storage

A strategic partnership between Beyond.pl and Pure Storage. The companies launch a joint Disaster Recovery as a Service solution.

Beyond.pl, a provider of data center and cloud computing services, and Pure Storage, a manufacturer of the world’s most advanced AFA (all-flash array) data storage arrays, enter into a strategic partnership. The companies will launch a Disaster Recovery as a Service solution for Polish and international customers based on Pure Storage technology and Beyond.pl data center infrastructure.

According to data from Gartner, over the past two years, 76% of companies have experienced a situation that required them to launch a disaster recovery plan. Digitization and companies’ transition to the online world have led to business continuity being hugely dependent on ensuring constant access to digital data.

New quality in Disaster Recovery

ITIC, a consulting firm, estimates that for 86% of organizations, one hour of data unavailability costs more than $300,000. What’s more, for 34% of companies, a single hour of outage generates losses ranging from $1 to even more than $5 million.

– Companies are becoming increasingly aware that the lack of access to data as a result of a disaster or cyber-attack carries significant financial and reputational losses. Consequently, the requirements of companies related to the quality of disaster recovery solutions are increasing. This especially applies to exposed critical systems, especially in the manufacturing, banking, insurance, and e-commerce sectors. There is no room for even a few minutes of downtime in these industries, and the switchover and restart of business to a backup solution must be immediate and without any significant data loss. Such solutions are missing; therefore, together with Pure Storage, we have created a data recovery solution that will satisfy even the most demanding customers – explains Wojciech Stramski, CEO Beyond.pl.

The cooperation of Pure Storage and Beyond.pl is not a coincidence. Both companies have been leading the way in security for years, as confirmed by independent organizations.

Beyond.pl is the first independently certified Rated 4 data center operator in the European Union, compliant with international ANSI/TIA-942 standards. This certification is a guarantee of 99.995% service delivery for customers, meaning that any service interruptions will not exceed a total of 26 minutes per year. In practice, since the comissioning of Data Center 2 in 2016, Beyond.pl has delivered 100% uptime. For comparison, at a Rated 3 facility, an almost 4-fold increase in unavailability per year (1 hour and 36 minutes) is allowed. Due to its high-security standard, coupled with very efficient energy efficiency (PUE of 1.2) while being powered 100% by green energy, Beyond.pl’s data center is an optimal facility for locating disaster recovery services.

On the other hand, Pure Storage is one of the fastest-growing IT companies in the world, specializing in creating storage solutions with exceptional reliability and speed. These solutions are characterized by superior data compression compared to competitive solutions, shorter recovery times, intuitive operations, and uninterruptible service mode. The statistical availability of Pure Storage solutions is at least 99.999999%. According to Gartner, Pure Storage has been outperforming its competitors for years in terms of completeness of vision and innovations introduced, placing it in the leader’s quadrant for seven years in a row in the Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage Arrays report.

– The combination of Beyond.pl’s  reliable data center infrastructure with our innovative array of technology allows us to create Disaster Recovery services with swift data recovery times and instant data replication. In practice, this guarantees full security and availability of data up to 100% of the time – points out Maciej Bocian, Country Manager Poland & Central Eastern Europe Pure Storage.

Uninterrupted system access

Still today, many companies create data backups or run backup data centers in local server rooms in their production facilities or offices. Oftentimes these are the same locations which maintain production systems. In such a scenario, if a failure occurs, data cannot be recovered quickly and a business cannot ensure its continuity timely. A joint offer of Beyond.pl and Pure Storage which includes Backup, Rapid Restore and Disaster Recovery services is primarily addressed to such companies. As-a-Service delivery models are possible.

The joint DRaaS service stands out in the market thanks to guarantees of up to zero data loss, i.e., recovery of operational corporate IT systems (RTO) through synchronous replication (RPO) in zero seconds. This means that the joint solution can provide up to 100% data availability in case of failure.

The joint offer provides companies not only with enhanced infrastructure security but also with excellent connectivity services. Beyond.pl provides very low latency data transfer between its campus in Poznan and customers’ on-premise data centers located throughout Poland and Central Europe. This is an essential criterion, especially for international companies with multiple on-premise sites and those operating in industries requiring the fastest possible data transfer, such as finance, manufacturing, or e-commerce.

Beyond.pl has recently rolled out several key infrastructure projects relating to connectivity, which provide optimal data transfer times. In October 2020, the communication neutral EPIX Polish Internet traffic exchange node was launched at Data Center 2 in Poznan, the 3rd city in Poland to house the exchange. This is also the first EPIX node in the western part of Poland, which has largely overtaken the handling of Internet traffic in this area. In January 2021 the company launched a telecommunications corridor with Western Europe, which directly connects Frankfurt with Poznan and Warsaw. Beyond.pl’s East-West Corridor is currently one of the fastest data exchange routes between Poland and Germany. The round-trip data transfer time from Poznan to Frankfurt is just ten milliseconds.


About Pure Storage: Pure Storage is an innovative storage solution designed from the ground up for optimal use of all-flash storage. A Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in all-flash and “primary storage” arrays for 7 years. Easy to use, most efficient in terms of flash cell space utilization, allowing for uninterrupted scaling of performance, capacity as well as upgrades to next-generation products. With Pure Storage, you get 100% availability for your data.


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