Cloud Computing at Poland Business Run

7 cities across Poland and 16980 runners – that was 7th Poland Business Run. Registrations closed within 80 minutes in Poznań alone. Such big event required a lot of computing power, which provided.

– In 2014, our website and the system couldn’t handle heavy traffic at two worst moments. It happened minutes before the Pomagam Bardziej (Helping More) campaign was about to finish (grant system for the beneficiaries) and just before the runners wanted to check their results. After the run finished, we thought that we needed to prepare better for the next one with a new partner – says Tim Oldenburg from CenturyLink, who co-organized the run.

It’s hard to estimate traffic during such a popular event. Poland Business Run website has very low traffic for most of the year. Sudden rise in network traffic is on the day team registrations open. The second moment is the day of run, when the results are announced.
Event organizers need a solution that offers flexible adjustment of computing power to current traffic and is cost-effective at the same time. By using the cloud, processing power can be increased or decreased at any time. This is much cheaper than purchasing physical servers and making significant investments, while for most of the time that equipment would only use a fraction of its computing power – explains Bartosz Misiaszek from

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