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A unique technology support program for startups in Poland and Europe. Focus on business development, and we will help you with IT!

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The task is simple – direct your business growth while we will help you manage the IT architecture and technology matters.

Startup your Tech is a program dedicated to startups that supports the technological part of upcoming businesses. We provide comprehensive support for IT maintenance – from free consulting, optimal IT architecture modeling to maintenance.

When you launch a new idea or develop an existing product, you should have the whole thing approached holistically. Along with the business model, you have to think about the technology that can carry the project. IT solutions and their costs are an integral part of any venture.

You don't have to search for answers and waste your precious time - let us to the job!

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Our experts will carry out a cost-free consultation with your team and design a technology path to help you optimally select the tools suited to your needs.

Don't waste your money and time. Submit your startup to our programme – StartUp your Tech – and focus on your business! We'll take care of the rest.


Take your startup beyond the limits!

Free technical support from IT experts

The program gives you access to unique technical competence without the need to pay for consulting support. Our team will analyze your individual IT requirements and select a solution that considers your planned growth and financial capabilities.

IT infrastructure maintenance

Every startup will receive a competitive offer based on a thorough analysis.

Make your business attractive to investors

As a participant in the program and our IT professionals, we will build an IT strategy for your product. Let's estimate costs for a given time frame, choose an infrastructure maintenance model in line with business needs, and provide you with the best IT infrastructure tools.

Business support within our ecosystem

Startups using our infrastructure services will receive free access to a co-working area in a Class AAA office building at's Poznan campus. The program will also include periodic MeetUps with representatives of VCs, consultant agencies, and technology companies to scale growing businesses.

Take your business to the next technological level.

Focus on your project, develop it, acquire investors, and leave the technical aspects of IT infrastructure to us.




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After completing the application form, you will receive an additional questionnaire. Based on your answers, we will evaluate your business idea and make a final verification for the program. We are open to signing an NDA so that your business know-how is secured.


Startup your Tech - Analysis

Congratulations - you are in the program now! Our experts analyze the product development path together with your representatives, and on this basis, we will recommend an IT infrastructure maintenance model together with a financial analysis. Depending on individual needs, preferences, and development plans, we will recommend the most suitable solution. It can be on-premise infrastructure maintenance, using public cloud services of global providers, private cloud, or hybrid.


Startup your Tech - Planning

In terms of architecture planning, we will work with our partners so that your start-up receives the optimal solution from a technological and financial point of view. We provide access to machine learning, image recognition, virtual machines, back-up and disaster recovery. As part of our professional support, you will have access to regularly organized knowledge-based meetings. What is more, we will invite investors to these events, including venture capital funds and well-known representatives of the startup environment.


Startup your Tech – Maintenance

Once the support model is finalized, we enter the implementation phase - we launch the maintenance and administration of IT infrastructure on privileged terms.


Startup your Tech – Co-working and mentoring

Not only do we ensure the implementation of the previously developed plan. We also offer free use of co-working space in one of the most modern Data Centers in Europe with guaranteed access to the workshops organized as part of the project: startUP your tech!

Power Ups

Free consultation with our Cloud experts

Each successful application will give you access to a up to 3-hour consultation.


Cloud Architecture

After the consultation – our experts will prepare for you a plan with the optimal architecture for your Startup.

Co-Working Space

Each team that decides to use the solutions offered by will also be able to take advantage of free coworking space in one of the most modern Data Centers in Europe.

Safe place for your product

Central and Eastern Europe’s first data center with Rated 4 certification ANSI/TIA-942 and an innovator in the IT services market.


Workshops and meetings with specialists in various fields, from cloud technologies through product design to meetings with VCs and representatives of start-ups that have already achieved commercial success.


For companies that decide to stay with us longer we have prepared a series of mentoring meetings.

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