EN 50600 Class 4 Certification

The highest level of data center security certification that meets European Union standards.

EN 50600 Class 4

EN 50600 is the official standard applicable in the countries of the European Union, which defines the standard for data center operations in the areas of energy, cooling, telecommunications, and technical security infrastructure (including access control procedures and systems, intrusion detection systems, CCTV systems, and fire protection procedures and systems).

EN 50600 covers all areas related to data center construction, operation, and maintenance. It was developed by CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization). EN 50600 is recognized as being the European equivalent of the US standard ANSI/TIA-942.

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CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization)

The European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization is one of the three European standardization organizations (together with CEN and ETSI). It is responsible for the development of standards for EN 50600. It is officially recognized by the European Union and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) as being responsible for developing and defining standards at the European level.


As of 2023, Beyond.pl’s Data Center 2 has EN 50600 certification in 3 areas, each awarded at the highest level:

  • services continuity (Availability) – class 4 (the highest level) in terms of redundancy (2N) of the power, cooling, and telecommunications system, among others,
  • physical security (Protection) – class 4 (the highest level) concerning, among other things, the security, architecture, and location of the data center,
  • energy efficiency – class 3 (the highest level) concerning the origin of energy (100% RES), electricity consumption measurement, type and location of humidity sensors, and sustainable management and saving resources, including energy and water.

As a formal standard in the EU, EN 50600 is used by state institutions in EU countries to assess the security and quality of data centers. It is also referred to in numerous legislative guidelines that specify the maintenance and processing of data by public institutions and regulated industries.

In Poland, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (UKNF) recommends the selection of a data center service provider that meets the requirements of EN 50600 minimum class 3, which means that Beyond.pl’s Data Center 2 fulfills the standards of the local financial market, insurance companies, healthcare companies, and public institutions, among others.

EN 50600 certification areas in Beyond.pl Data Center 2

  • location
  • design
  • topology
  • facility dimensions and loads
  • zoning of the data center
  • impact on the environment
  • availability of utilities
  • alternative access routes
  • guarantee of energy supply
  • emergency power supply system
  • topology of cabling and medium- and low-voltage switchgear
  • power system redundancy (2N)
  • physical and environmental safety of electrical equipment
  • guaranteeing the supply of cooling equipment
  • provision of environmental conditions in IT chambers and other IT rooms
  • cooling system pipe topology
  • redundancy of the cooling system (2N)
  • physical and environmental safety of the cooling equipment
  • fire safety system
    • fire resistance of rooms
    • fire and smog detection
    • alarm system
    • extinguishing equipment
    • response procedures
    • evacuation procedures
  • physical security system
    • ground entry rules
    • rules for handling the movement of persons and vehicles
    • authentication technology (cards, 2FA two-factor authentication method)
    • principles and technology of passenger and luggage control
    • access control system
    • monitored parameters in the access control system
    • CCTV system and camera positioning and recording times
    • intrusion detection system
    • application of the principle of least privilege
  • physical and fire safety system
    • fire resistance of premises
    • detection
    • alarm system
    • fire-fighting equipment
    • response procedures
    • evacuation procedures
  • access control system
    • access control
    • access cards
    • PIN
    • access gates
    • metal detector
    • baggage screening
    • and more

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