MiSOT Group and Beyond.pl enter into a strategic cooperation and will offer joint services

MiSOT Group, the operator of EPIX, Poland’s largest independent Internet exchange, and Beyond.pl, a green data center and cloud service provider in Europe, are strengthening their cooperation via the launched Telesynergia consortium. Innovative infrastructure and connectivity solutions will be developed by the partners enabling to deliver more competitive services to the market.

The partners are launching a product suite comprised of connectivity solutions based on the Polish nationwide EPIX network, jointly utilized international connectivity access points, colocation, cloud, and dedicated infrastructure services delivered in Beyond.pl Data Centers, supported by technical experience and competence of technical engineers from both companies.

“Having access nodes in the largest telecommunication and data centers in Europe is key for EPIX to be able to deliver independent, reliable, top quality, low latency solutions at affordable pricing for small and medium-sized telecommunication operators. While international customers will be able to obtain access to and deliver content at the closest proximity to its origin improving the service offering of EPIX and its users,” says Krzysztof Czuszek, Vice-President of MiSOT SA and EPIX project leader.

“Highest quality connectivity and the widest possible reach to eyeballs are key to many of our colocation, cloud, and dedicated infrastructure service customers. By creating this partnership with Poland’s largest independent internet exchange, we significantly strengthen our offering in the data center market in Central Europe. We can virtually seamlessly reach any region in Poland to connect our customer’s infrastructure with Beyond.pl’s campus. Concurrently, through the EPIX network we can ensure that content distribution providers in the video, gaming, or other social media space can reach end users efficiently in the region,” says Wojciech Stramski, CEO of Beyond.pl.  

The partnership aims to allow for the joint delivery of premium services that have not been available in the Polish data center and telco market to date. By combining the experience, knowledge, and infrastructure of one of the key player’s in the telecommunications market and one of the most secure data center operators in the European Union, the companies have built a unique infrastructure and telco solution.

From a connectivity perspective, the solution is characterized by one of the largest areas of coverage in Poland, granting access to nearly 30% of the domestic market, or approximately 3 million households all the while securing the highest levels of efficiency in terms of latency. Concurrently, the entire suite of services is distinguished by the highest level of security, thanks to the utilization of EPIX infrastructure outside the public Internet domain combined with Beyond.pl’s Data Center 2 infrastructure, which is one of the three most secure data centers in the European Union, as evidenced by the ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 certification. The services offered by the consortium are tailored to the needs of domestic and international Internet providers, Internet content providers (CDN), and international and Polish enterprises looking for world class telco and infrastructure services.

“By early 2022, traffic in the EPIX network exceeded 3 Tbps. Today, we serve more than 850 small and medium sized telco operators from our three access nodes in Poland. Thanks to our deep roots in and cooperation within the telecommunication industry, we are consistently improving our reliability and further reducing latency within Poland and beyond. Cooperation with Beyond.pl opens the way for us to offer new technological products and services, especially in the premium services area. Our customers will be able to purchase bandwidth, including on multiple international routes, and access content from larger operators at very attractive prices. It is also worth emphasizing that the cooperation is based on the backbone of two Polish market leaders and one of its priorities will be to promote and support the creation of further competitive advantage of local entities,” says Krzysztof Czuszek.

The partners furthermore confirm that they are open to other entities joining the initiative. Work is ongoing to sign-up other companies that can further strengthen the market offering of the consortium with complementary services.

“Customer expectations towards data center providers and telecommunication operators in Poland and abroad have evolved. Enterprises are looking for tailor-made hybrid services characterized by the highest data center security standards, European and global coverage, and optimal latency. All this needs to be bundled together to ensure that we continue to push the boundary on delivering sustainable solutions which reduce the negative impact that the digital transformation may have on the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of solutions. We have built such a solution by combining green colocation and cloud services hosted in Beyond.pl’s Data Centers with the connectivity from the MiSOT Group and EPIX. Telesynergia offers a unique infrastructure and telecommunications solution at an affordable price that provides fast, secure and direct access to one-third of Polish households. To put this in perspective, the Katowice access node of EPIX is already among the TOP5 largest internet traffic exchange nodes globally,” adds Wojciech Stramski.

The companies initiated their cooperation in 2020, when the third EPIX Internet traffic exchange node in Poland, after Katowice and Warsaw, was launched at the Beyond.pl Campus in Poznan. The EPIX Poznan node in Beyond.pl’s Data Center 2 has partially taken over the handling of internet traffic in western Poland, improving latency and the cost of data transfer in other parts of the country. The Greater Poland location of the largest independent Internet traffic exchange infrastructure in Poland provides businesses with stable and secure access to critical resources of the Polish and global Internet.


About MiSOT Group: MiSOT Group brings together entities offering products for small and medium telecommunication operators, who provide services to nearly 30% of the Polish domestic market, serving approximately 3 million households. The holding includes companies such as EPIX (traffic exchange nodes), Project MdS (cyber security solutions), Project MdO (participates on behalf of small and medium-sized operators in large tenders; currently supports, among others, the supply of broadband Internet to over 3,000 schools), Project Mdl (creates Polish LPWAN network, which will provide commercial services for administration, business and households based on LoRa technology), Project MdM (publisher of media for telecommunication industry and organizer of industry events), Stowarzyszenie e-Poludnie (incubation and support of projects for small and medium telecommunications companies) and Fundacja Lokalni (CSR activities and promotion of regional identity). In the south of the country, the MiSOT Group has begun preparations to build an ecological and economic Data Processing Center for further development of its projects. More at www.misot.pl.

About EPIX: The EPIX node was officially launched in 2010, but its origins date back to 2007-2008, when Silesian local networks started to merge, and their owners united under the joint aegis of the Stowarzyszenie e-Poludnie association. Today EPIX is the largest independent traffic exchange in Poland, providing access to low cost and high-quality data transmission with the majority of telecommunication nodes in Poland. EPIX also offers independent access to international operators such as Telia, CenturyLink, Liberty Global, RETN, or GTT and traffic exchange points DE-CIX, NIX, Peering.cz. It currently brings together more than 850 telecom operators and content providers. In the 2022 Hurricane Electric ranking, the EPIX Katowice point was ranked 5th in the world among traffic exchange nodes, and traffic in the entire EPIX network has been reported to be 3 Tbps (Terabits per second). More at: www.epix.net.pl

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