WNET chooses colocation in Beyond.pl Data Center

International telecommunications company Wnet is expanding its presence in Poland. The company has started cooperation with Beyond.pl, a provider of data center and cloud services. In Beyond.pl’s Data Center 2, one of the five most secure data centers in the European Union, Wnet will colocate its IT infrastructure and establish a point of presence with its network.

Wnet is an American telecommunications company with its own fiber-optic network spanning over 7,500 km and more than 6,000 points of presence (PoP`s) worldwide and serves more than 4,500 large customers. The company operates in 11 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and Ukraine, where it is the primary provider of Internet services, L2 Ethernet connectivity, DWDM, IP telephony, television, and IT management administration.

In the context of attacks on critical infrastructure in Ukraine, including data centers and telecommunications networks, and problems with energy availability, Wnet is currently increasing its cooperation with data center service providers in Poland.

– After a detailed analysis, we decided to cooperate with Beyond.pl. Our main selection criterion was the security standard of the facility and its energy efficiency. The PUE index of 1.2 in Data Center 2 guarantees that energy costs will be lower than in competing facilities. We also appreciate the facility’s sustainable power supply, which is increasingly vital for our international customers, said Alexey Kleschevnikov, Founder and Wnet US CEO. Connectivity competencies were also an important consideration when choosing a provider. Beyond.pl stood out in this regard regarding access to major European traffic exchange points, latency, cloud connect solutions, and highly developed reach in Poland itself. It allowed us to implement our second project, constructing a fiber optic ring between Ukraine and Poznan, Warsaw, and Krakow, where our office is located.

Alexey Kleschevnikov, Founder and Wnet US CEO

Wnet colocates its customers’ IT infrastructure and maintains a point of interconnection with its own network (PoP) in Beyond.pl Data Center 2. It is currently the only data center in Poland and one of five in the European Union with the highest security and service availability (99.995%), confirmed by independent ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 certification. Since the data center commissioning in 2016, Beyond.pl has provided clients with 100% uptime concerning data center services. From 2020, the plant will be powered exclusively by renewable energy.

In the face of high macroeconomic uncertainty, volatility, rising energy prices, inflation, and security challenges, companies are increasingly looking for alternative locations for their IT resources. Thanks to Poznan’s strategic location in the center of Europe and optimal latency on the East-West and North-South routes, we are becoming the preferred partner and place to colocate their IT infrastructure. Our data center security standards and energy prices lower than in most European countries are other criteria in our favor – notes Wojciech Stramski, Beyond.pl CEO.

Wnet is another telecommunications entity that has chosen Beyond.pl to colocate its IT infrastructure. The company has been carrier neutral since the beginning of its operations – it cooperates with Tier 1 operators, regional companies, and local players. Beyond.pl data centers provide access to main European traffic Internet exchange points such as DE-CIX in Frankfurt, BCIX in Berlin, Peering.cz in Prague or Polish EPIX and 360+ cloud and SaaS platforms and 760+ data centers around the world via Megaport network services.


About WNET.Global: Currently, WNET.Global serves more than 6,000 buildings, offering tenants and businesses fiber-optic Internet with symmetrical bandwidth on the latest FTTS (Fiber-To-The-Subscriber) standard and speeds ranging from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps. All buildings are directly connected to a 100-gigabit backbone network via a 10-gigabit link. The services provided by WNET are SLA compliant (99.5% and up) with round-the-clock proactive support and real-time monitoring. WNET’s network is fully redundant – all equipment, including business centers, has independent power supplies, ensuring continuous operation for a minimum of 4 hours in case of a power outage.

The headquarters is located in New York, USA. The single network covers 11 countries, 100 cities, 40 Internet exchange points (IXPs), 6,000 points of presence and serves more than 4,500 large customers. The network has connections with more than 1,500 operators around the world and has ranked among TOP-100 in interconnectivity. You can find more at: https://wnet.global

About WNET.Poland: The company headquarter is located in Krakow. WNET.Poland  has been operating in the Polish market since 2016. The company has its own fiber-optic network in major cities such as Krakow and Warsaw. It provides access services in the B2C (TM Domonet), B2B, and B2O segments; voice services, equipment hosting, as well as IT infrastructure outsourcing. You can find more at: https://w-net.eu



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