MNM Bioscience migrates to the cloud provided by

A biotechnology start-up that studies human genomes using artificial intelligence (AI) has decided to migrate  medical data from the AWS public cloud to e24cloud, maintained and provided by, a leader in green and secure data center and cloud services in Poland.

MNM Bioscience is one of the most interesting Polish start-ups in the biotech sector. It’s activities focus on finding the genetic causes of cancer and matching therapies by identifying appropriate drug targets. MNM Bioscience saves patients’ lives using predictive modeling methods supported by artificial intelligence.

Our start-up’s mission is to build a world where cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. Each tumor genome hides much information relevant to understanding cancer’s biological traits. Inside the genomes are signposts which will allow for the invention of effective cancer treatments. As one of the few research companies in the world, MNM Bioscience reads and analyzes genomes in their entirely, explains Pawel Zawadzki PHD, CEO of MNM Bioscience.

Pawel Zawadzki, PhD CEO & Co-founder MNM Bioscience

The regulations of the Polish legislature and the technological capabilities available on the market impose specific conditions in relation to the medical start-up’s activities. Due to the requirement to collect and process large amounts of data, ensure their security, and perform the analysis quickly, MNM Bioscience, from the beginning of its activities, has been using IT services provided by external partners, including the AWS public cloud, as well as’s services for colocation of physical IT infrastructure. However, due to the rising cost of storing data in the public cloud, the start-up’s founders decided to find a cost-effective and secure alternative.

The public cloud, from our point of view, is the best solution to support fast computing of large volumes of data. However, as our company is growing and is concurrently collecting more and more critical data, the cost of maintaining it in the public cloud becomes high and, unfortunately also unpredictable. So, we decided to look for another solution for storing medical data, which, while guaranteeing a high level of security, at the same time offers a transparent and more attractive pricing model, explains Piotr Topolski, IT Manager at MNM Bioscience.

From Stockholm to Poznan

MNM Bioscience decided to move the storage of its medical data from AWS to a cloud provided by, which already provides colocation services to the client.

MNM Bioscience, after analyzing several scenarios, decided to choose the storage service solution based on e24cloud, which offers unlimited space and the ability to quickly migrate data between different platforms, providers and servers, as well as attractive pricing terms. The service meets unqualified reliability requirements, as the e24cloud is maintained in’s data centers characterized by the highest standards of infrastructure security, and Data Center 2 is recognized as one of the most secure data centers in the European Union, as confirmed by the independent ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 certification.’s facilities are also powered by 100% renewable energy and, at the same time, are among the most energy-efficient in Poland and the region (with a PUE of 1.2), making e24cloud the first Polish “green” cloud.

The IT world today is filled with many IT infrastructure service delivery models and solutions, becoming increasingly complex. The responsibility of the IT service provider should be to provide the advice necessary to allow the customer to define and then deploy the most efficient technology for the particular use case. The example of MNM Bioscience shows that more and more companies are opting for a hybrid deployment model of IT infrastructure and, as a provider of data center and cloud services, should be the first choice for companies needing such support. I am glad that our cooperation with MNM Bioscience is steadily evolving, especially since this is a company pursuing a great cause that can help millions, says Wojciech Stramski, CEO of

Due to MNM Bioscience’s continued use of AWS cloud services for data processing and analysis, is providing the company with cloud connect services for the cloud-to-cloud scenario. MNM Bioscience’s data is transferred between e24cloud in Poznan and AWS in Stockholm without limits, securely, using a private Internet connection based on a network as a service (NaaS) solution from Megaport, international connectivity as a service provider. The solution allows to establish and manage connectivity to more than 760+ data centers worldwide and 360+ clouds and SaaS solutions. The establishment of connectivity between e24cloud and AWS was possible because Megaport has an active access node at’s data center campus in Poznan since 2021. MNM Bioscience launched the Megaport Cloud Connect service because it provides the highest level of security during times of data transfer and the lowest latency, which significantly improves real-time data analysis.

Currently, works with over 500 clients providing IT infrastructure services, including colocation, public, private and multi-cloud, and hybrid solutions.


About MNM Bioscience: A diagnostics company based in Poland. Help people understand their genetic background through whole genome sequencing and advanced software tools for rapid and effective early disease diagnosis, prediction and prognosis. MNM Bioscience believes that every person should have access to the information encoded in his/her DNA. By combining whole genome sequencing (WGS) technology with our unique algorithms, we decipher this information and create personalized diagnostics for individual patients.

MNM Bioscience team of creative and enthusiastic people combines expertise in DNA chemistry and cell biology, with AI and machine learning to provide cutting-edge genome analysis and develop new approaches to personalised medicine. Knowing that information about how to fight patient’s disease is hidden in their genome, we help patients to recognise the cause of their disease and choose the right strategy to fight it. You can find more details at


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