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The Foundation for the Creation of Shared Value by Students has joined StartUp your Tech, a technology support program for startups from Poland and Europe created by cooperation between and the Foundation will allow that startups being supported by the Foundation may also receive support from at every stage of their development life cycle – in matters related to the creation of a sound business model, technological support, and deployment and maintenance of IT infrastructure.

StartUp your Tech, is a program dedicated for startups based on which startups obtain technical support to ensure that their business has an increased chance of success. Especially the program allows startups to receive access to free consulting services, support in the definition of optimal IT architecture for their designed solutions, and preferential terms for deploying, maintaining, and administrating IT infrastructure in’s secure and sustainable data centers. The Foundation and will be working together to provide additional support at the pre-incubation stage, including business meetings, the creation of a business model, a list of potential interested stakeholders, and mentoring.

The Foundation for Shared Value Creation by Students supports startups in building and developing innovative projects at an early stage. It creates ambassador, scholarship, and accelerator programs for individuals and entities in the academic community. The Foundation is also active in supporting R&D initiatives and enhancing cooperation between business- science- and third-party communities. One of the Foundation’s largest projects is the realization of a  corporate incubator program for a producer of household appliances located in the Greater Poland region. The Foundation’s team consists of experienced staff associated with, among others, the  Poznan University of Economics, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Lazarski University in Warsaw, and the University of Technology and Humanities in Radom.

During our collaboration with startups, we realized that many of them do not take into account and do not analyze their business’ development in later stages. Pre-incubation of projects increases the probability of a project’s success or allows one to withdraw early without incurring high costs. We build wisely – fulfilling social and environmental goals from the beginning and working towards long-term competitiveness. Establishing cooperation with and joining StartUp Your Tech is an excellent addition to our portfolio of services. Having a trusted IT partner to whom a startup can entrust the maintenance of its entire infrastructure and reap benefits from’s expertise allows us and the teams to look at a project in a holistic way, from its design and business model all the way down to the maintenance of critical IT infrastructure – says Phd Adam Weinert, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for Shared Value Creation by Students., as a technology partner, offers access to a rich portfolio of data center services, cloud computing in every possible model, connectivity, and a wide range of Managed Services (including Backup as a Service, Disaster Recovery, Network as a Service, or IT Administration), from its best in class facilities. owns and operates a data center campus with a target capacity of 42 MW, and the Data Center 2 facility is the only data center in the EU with the highest level of security, confirmed by two independent institutions: the ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 certificate and the EN 50600 Class 4 standard. The company’s operations are distinguished by a very conscious approach to sustainability, including the use of 100% green energy to power data centers and optimal energy efficiency (with a PUE of 1.2), which translates into significantly lower energy consumption and cost parameters for customers using services.

When starting work on a new IT initiative or deciding to enhance an existing product, it is necessary to approach such activities comprehensively. In parallel with the definition of the business model, it is necessary to model the optimal technology architecture and its maintenance model, which will support the project at each stage of its development journey. The definition of an appropriate IT infrastructure maintenance solution with full visibility and transparency as to its cost is an integral part of helping increase the chance of success of any business. Together with the Foundation, we are increasing the ecosystem supporting the development of startups from Poland and Europe, focusing not only on the financial performance of startups but also on their sustainable development. The StartUp your Tech initiative is open to cooperation with new entities, so our ecosystem continues growing – comments Wojciech Stramski, CEO of

The Foundation and are working to bring new startups into the program. Applications to the program are being accepted on a continuous basis.


About the Foundation: Founded in 2020. Foundation for Shared Value Creation by Students is the first Foundation in Poland to support student and academic socio-economic projects, in line with the idea of Created Shared Value. The Foundation is a kind of pre-incubator, consulting and developing projects and connecting the world of education with the world of business. The Foundation also aims to build and implement pre-incubation and project challenge programs for corporations, as well as educate employers. The Foundation has numerous partnerships within the innovation and startup ecosystem in Poland. The Foundation’s team of experts are experienced scientists and practitioners cooperating on the line business-science-third sector. More at:


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